User Agreement for Advisa


1. Initial information

Advisa is a trademark owned by Sambla Group AB, registration number 556974-8378. When you use a service provided under the Advisa brand (on the website, by telephone or otherwise), you become a customer of Sambla Group AB. When we write Advisa below, we mean Sambla Group AB.

Sambla Group AB is a mortgage credit institution licensed by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority to engage in mortgage credit intermediation (which includes consumer credit intermediation) and insurance intermediation (the “Services”). This means that we can arrange loans and insurance for you. When you apply for a loan through Advisa, you will have the opportunity to compare offers from the lenders with whom we work. You can find out which lenders and insurers are our partners on our website. When you request our insurance brokerage service, we will provide you with additional insurance information and terms and conditions.

By using any of the Services, you agree, on behalf of yourself and any co-applicant, that this User Agreement applies between you/yourself and Advisa. It is therefore important that you read the User Agreement carefully and ensure that your potential co-applicant also reads and agrees to it.

2. Our mission

By using the Services, you instruct Advisa to solicit loan offers and/or insurance offers from the lenders and insurers with whom Advisa works. If you have requested loan mediation, Advisa will give you the opportunity to compare offers and conditions.

You are never bound to accept any loan or insurance offer you receive, it is always up to you whether you wish to enter into a loan or insurance contract with a lender or insurer.

Please note that Advisa can never make any warranty or representation or otherwise give any undertaking on behalf of any of our partners. The decision to grant a loan or take out an insurance policy always rests with the partner in question.

3. Our compensation

In connection with you and any co-applicant applying for a loan from Advisa, we will obtain a credit report on you and any co-applicant from UC AB (“UC”). Subsequently, our partners may, for a limited period of time and in the same case, take part of this credit report.

When one of our partners accesses the credit report, you will be informed of this by means of a so-called “enquiry copy”. However, it is important to clarify that such an enquiry copy is sent out by law and does not mean that several credit reports are registered with UC.

The information in the credit report is used by lenders to decide whether they can grant a loan. In some cases, some of our partners may run an additional credit check with credit reference agencies other than UC, such as Bisnode, to ensure that the information is accurate.

By submitting information about you and your potential co-applicant to Advisa, you represent that the information provided is accurate and that you have approval to provide the information you provide about your potential co-applicant. You also agree that Advisa may obtain credit approval (i.e., information about whether a lender has approved to offer you a loan) and information about the status of your loan application from the lenders with whom we cooperate in order to fulfill our User Agreement with you.

5. Personal data processing

Our Data Protection Policy (available on our website) explains how Advisa collects and processes your personal data in connection with the Services and otherwise, and what rights you have in connection with this. If you have any questions about the Data Protection Policy, please contact us at

6. Your responsibility and Advisa’s responsibility

Before requesting loan offers through the Services, you are responsible for carefully reviewing, together with your potential co-applicant, your personal finances to determine whether they can bear the burden of taking out a loan. For example, you can use the Consumer Agency’s tool, available on the website, to make a calculation of your costs for the loan.

The information provided by Advisa should be considered as suggestions only. It is up to you to evaluate and verify the information we provide about our partners’ offers before you enter into an agreement.

Advisa does not lend any money or offer any insurance itself, but we only arrange loans and insurance from our partners. Agreements you sign with our partners are between you and the lender/insurer. Advisa is not responsible for any damage or loss that may occur when you enter into or refrain from entering into an agreement with one of our partners.

7. Liability insurance

Advisa holds liability insurance with If Skadeförsäkring AB (publ) (company no. 516401-8102), Barks väg 15, 106 80 Stockholm, telephone: 0771-430000, e-mail:

Claims against Advisa in respect of home loan brokerage may be made directly against the insurer in the event that compensation has not been paid by Advisa. Such a claim must be addressed to If Skadeförsäkring within one year of the claim arising. The maximum compensation that can be paid for an individual claim is SEK 10,000,000 and the maximum total compensation that can be paid for all claims in one year is SEK 20,000,000.

8. Questions, complaints and disputes

You are welcome to contact customer service by phone 0770 - 17 50 50 or by e-mail if you have any questions about the User Agreement. You should also contact Customer Service if you wish to indicate that you do not wish to be contacted by Advisa for marketing purposes. Your feedback is important to us and if the Services and/or Advisa do not meet your expectations, we would like to know about it.

If you are still not satisfied after being in contact with customer service, you can contact Advisa’s Complaints Manager by emailing or sending a letter to our contact details in the section below.

In order for us to handle your complaint, please include the following information when contacting us:

  • Name and contact details
  • Name and contact details
  • Date and time of the problem giving rise to the complaint
  • Description of the problem
  • Supporting information and/or evidence

We take all complaints seriously and will investigate your complaint in a prompt and objective manner. If, after Advisa has investigated your complaint, you are still not satisfied with our decision, you can appeal to the General Advertising Board (see for more information on how to do this) or to the General Court to have the matter reviewed.

You can also turn to the Consumers’ Banking and Finance Office and the Consumers’ Insurance Office for guidance and advice on loans and insurance (see, the Swedish Consumer Agency or your local authority’s consumer advice service.

9. Contact information

Sambla Group AB
Box 5300
102 46 Stockholm
Address: Strandvägen 5B, 114 51, Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: 0770 - 17 50 50

10. Changes

Advisa reserves the right to modify and update this User Agreement. We always publish the latest version on our website