Membership conditions for Advisa Plus

1. Information about Advisa Plus

Advisa Plus (the “Plus Service”) is a service provided by Sambla Group AB, registration number 556974-8378, if you choose to become a member of Advisa Plus. When we write Advisa below, we mean Sambla Group AB.

The purpose of the Plus Service is to provide members with information and offers within the scope of Advisa’s activities, on loans, insurance and other financial services and products for private individuals.

By becoming a member of the PlusService, you agree that these membership terms and conditions apply between you and Advisa for the PlusService. You can also obtain information about your membership by contacting or calling 0770 - 17 50 50.

2. Free membership

Becoming a member of the PlusService is voluntary and free of charge. You become a member by accepting the Advisa Plus terms and conditions when you order a service provided under the Advisa brand. Membership in the Plus Service is issued only to persons over 18 years of age.

3. Benefits

The purpose of the Plus Service is to provide members with a higher level of service and information and offers that may be of interest to members. As a member of the PlusService, you will receive, among other things:

  • The PlusService newsletter with personal finance tips, up to three times a week.
  • Access to PlusTienst’s loan support, by telephone, where you can ask questions and receive personal service regarding your loans.
  • Guaranteed high level of service throughout the application process in Samba’s regular loan brokerage and insurance brokerage services, increasing the chances of a successful application.
  • Customised marketing and offers that Advisa believes may be of interest to you. These offers may relate to the services of Sambla Group AB and its group companies, provided under the Advisa brand, as well as offers from Advisa‘s partners that may be of interest to you.

Information, offers and benefits from the PlusService may be sent to you by post, email, SMS, telephone or other digital channels.

4. Personal data processing

Our Data Protection Policy (available on our website) explains how Advisa collects and processes your personal data in connection with the Plus Service and otherwise, and what rights you have in connection with this. We will process personal data in the context of the PlusService for as long as you have a membership with us. If you have any questions about the Data Protection Policy, please contact us at

5. Validity period

The membership is valid until further notice and can be terminated by both parties with immediate effect. You can request withdrawal from the Plus Service at any time by contacting, calling 0770 - 17 50 50 or by clicking on the unsubscribe link included in every e-mail and SMS.